Our Principles


Build the capacity for innovation with the luxury business model by sharing and participating in creative and experimental ways of knowing, doing and being. Develop interdisciplinary tools for scenario planning and imaginative practices. Create thinking environments for learning, innovation and growth. Together we nurture leadership cultures around storytelling, collaboration, innovation and social value.


The Global Luxury Alliance develops original research through exchange and dialogue. Through collaboration and co-creation we develop experiential, practical and applied strategies for innovation and business development. Research is active, knowledge grows from engagement with people, places and things around us. New spaces, languages and products are formed from blending multiple understandings and associations. Ours is a textured, multi-method, transdisciplinary approach.


Ideas and theory are met with critical action and doing. Norms and conceptions are challenged through the purposeful mixing of cultures, traditions, histories and experiences. Imaginative enquiry, creativity and invention are tools for business and social transformation. Newness and venture creation can be found in the seemingly familiar through challenging perspectives and conceptions.


Nothing is ever achieved in isolation. Through togetherness, sharing and exchange profound change can be realised. Deep knowledge is generated though the interplay of expertise and intelligence across different sectors and fields. The innovator is a bricoleur drawing from and applying diverse ways of knowing and doing to their cause. The Global Luxury Alliance encourages the experiential accumulation of skills, strategies and approaches used by others across disciplines, sectors and walks of life.