About the Global Luxury Alliance

Driving Innovation in Luxury

The Global Luxury Alliance is the international network for luxury executives created through a unique series of programmes over ten years. Having brought the world’s leading luxury businesses together in a series of summits, masterclasses and global meetings, the Global Luxury Alliance is the home for luxury brand owners, entrepreneurs, and innovators to tackle the issues they face and to learn from the latest developments in this unique sector.

Our heart is in the business of best practice in modern and future luxury with thousands of forward-thinking luxury leaders attending our range of summits and leadership development programmes. These are held on a range of areas from business model innovation, legal and governance, leadership, technology and brand protection.

The Alliance is fertile ground for brand innovation based on encouraging positive patterns of consumption, production, knowledge exchange and new market insights – all through the lens of open and collaborative innovation based on:

  • Adapting business models and leadership for innovation, creativity and sustainability.
  • Designing new ways of connecting to customers and clients, stakeholders, the media and each other.
  • Re-thinking luxury for a technology-enabled, post growth and a socially awakened world.

Our alumni hail from the leading companies in the world with executives from companies such as LVMH, Chanel, Hermes, Alexander McQueen, Amazon, Lyst, Christian Louboutin, Kerring, Ferragamo, Aston Martin, Kempinski Hotels, Bulgari, Diageo,Tiffany, Harrods, Marc Jacobs, Farfetch, Luxxotica and Moncler attending events.

Some of the benefits of becoming a member and/or attending our programmes

  • An opportunity to be part of the world’s luxury network, learn, collaborate and test new approaches.
  • Network with fellow executives, entrepreneurs, designers and business owners across the luxury sector and further afield.
  • Invitation-only gatherings with luxury leaders and inspirational figures
  • Gain access to resources and tools provided on a peer-to-peer basis.
  • The opportunity to contribute to know-how and thought-leadership.
  • Option to join the advisory board.